November 2020 - Jace Media

Templo Diez are Dutch veterans who mix their gothic blend of rock / dream pop / americana which results in a real genre mix that brings out the best this band has to offer. The band are back after a 5 year sabbatical and Starlight is a trilogy piece that started with Greyhound in 2011 then Constellations in 2015. The band have been lucky enough to play SXSW in Austin, Texas, CMJ in New York, NXNE in Toronto & CMW in Montreal. Please sit back as I take us through this latest offering.

305 South - Nice smooth crisp guitar chords are oozing out towards us as this track gives us dark almost gothic style vocals that flow freely through this intense mellow piece of music. Backing tones of snare drum kicks with awesome vocals that are just doing their thing and run freely throughout this dark and melodic track that really catches your imagination. Cymbal smashes are echoing through this monster track that has you standing back in awe as this uptempo piece of music just flows and leaves you thinking about this arrangement and where it is going to take you.

Night Wind - Snare drum beat is smooth and has a cymbal tap for good measure, there are mellow guitar strums flowing freely through this dark blues inspired piece of music. Bass chords are handing out deep dark grooves that work well with this awesome arrangement. Vocals are a smooth soulful blues tinge that really inspires this real mellow composition. We are transported to another place with this cool music and what it has to offer us, the guitar is handing out crisp mellow picks that work so well as they dip and shine throughout this awesome musical journey.

The Sound Of Waves - Smooth guitar plucking is oozing towards us as a mellow vocal vibe is with us that sets the tone going forward. There is a phenomenal bass line that is coming to us and it has dark heavy grooves that really give this track some depth. Snare drum punches that have a cymbal tap to really open the rhythm section up. There is haunting cool backing vocals that are flowing through this composition and really catch your attention. Guitar picks are raising their head as the chords are crisp and have direction.

Southern & The Dog - Crisp riffs are coming at us as snare drum punches with a cymbal tap balance out the rhythm section. The vocals are a deep dark blues inspired vibe that matches the tempo of this deep track, there is a cool bass drum kick that goes well with the sombre beat and cool direction that this track is going in. Organ notes are littered all over this arrangement and really open this tune up, the depth of the track is highlighted with the musicianship that flows through this mellow driven punchy deep track.

Clear Fence - Phenomenal piano notes are oozing into this awesome composition as cool mellow vocals with a haunting tone are upon us as this ballad takes shape. There is sweet guitar chords just floating through this cool track, organ is doing it's bit also as it makes itself known as this beast goes about it's business. Snare drums with a cymbal snap are coming through and really bring this track up a level or two, the beat has a bit of psychedelica about it but that is cool as we get set to go home.

More Rain On Vegas - Mellow guitar chords are flowing into this awesome blues noir track as soulful deep vocals are with us and they really set the tone going forward. There is a really deep meaty bass groove running through this track that really elevates the track, the tone is a smooth dark but cool as this track takes shape as it opens up and spreads it's wings to soar. The whole composition is a real shot in the arm.

Sister - Bass chords are coming to us as a single guitar chord holds it's own as this dark beat moves on. Vocals are tight and have balance that really opens this track up. Snare drum punches come armed with a bass drum kicks and a cymbal tap that keeps the rhythm section on it's toes. This is a real awesome piece of music that gets you lost as you get swept up in the darkness and direction you are being taken in, guitar comes in and gives us crisp clean picks with a real cool edge to them, awesome arrangement.

In Times Of Madness - Cool guitar picks are making themselves known as mellow sombre vocals come towards us as this punchy track gathers momentum. Snare drum kicks with a bass beat are cool as the rhythm section comes together, this is just a sweet little track that has cool tones and an easy composition that just makes the track sing. Guitar tones come in and just lift the track with it's direction and balance, awesome bass chords hand us deep meaty grooves that work.

Forty Seconds - Gritty guitar riffs with a deep edge come towards us as the snare drum kicks off the rhythm section to allow the track to open up .Mellow style vocals with a real direction are with us and this gives the track depth to move and open up. Bass chords with attitude run freely through this punchy beat as it gathers momentum, this is a real mellow deep track with attitude that works,

Going Surfing - Deep bass lines are flowing into this deep meaningful tune as we get ready to groove. Vocals are dark sombre and have real meaning to them, glockenspiel notes are littered all over this cool track. Haunting backing vocals are flowing effortlessly through this blues style tune, we have certainly been taken on a journey as this cool guitar chorded track is coming to it's natural end, This is a real nice way to finish an accomplished and finished album.

(Darren McIntyre)