October 2006 - Terrascope Rumbles

Playing a much darker and less structured brand of music Templo Diez have created a brooding velvets inspired ambience on their latest album “Winterset”. After a brief and atmospheric opener, “Sparkle” kicks the band into life, with some venomous violin writhing over the dark torch-song sentiments of the words, whilst hypnotic guitars keep the tension high. A more Delicate is paraded on “No Matter What” although the undercurrent of uncertainty is never far away, and becomes unmissable on the brooding piano led “Calavera #2”. In fact, the whole album has a dark sonic heart, something that lends the songs a regret nothing/live for the moment ambience, everything on the verge of collapse and there is nothing we can do. An album for late-night whiskey session rather than a 9:00 am reviewing marathon, but a quality release never the less.

(Simon Lewis)