April 2007 - Exclaim!

By Aaron Levy

Templo Diez felt a fire recently, defending themselves against their mediocre Haig, Netherlands hometown music scene. Canadian music fans, unfortunately, have been indifferent; they rudely missed out on showcases at NXNE and CMW. However, while “Sparkle” might come off as second-rate Velvets and the first key strikes of “Calavera #2” are identical to “Don’t Look Back In Anger,” this Dutch more-some are far mightier than their RIYLs. It sometimes sounds more like Drums Not Dead than anything with guitars. “Sol” is as haunting as any song I’d label a “ditty” could be, and the electric finger-picking-up of “No Matter What” could be Chuck Spearin. Winterset, their second proper album, is littered with Cagean field recordings. Still, Temple Diez deserve much better than their countrymen, regardless of how many resemblances they share. These guys have endless potential. Maybe, touring Canada will have inspired them and we’ll appreciate them. Sweet.

(Aaron Levy)