July 2009 - John's MySpace Blog

Soundscapes, musical tapestry and a doses of melancholy. If they used electronics and classical arrangements they would probably be accused of copy-catting Sigur Ros. Their focus on guitar driven music will limit that accusation, however, the words Sigur Ros will pop up in almost every review of Templo Diezís albums. Still ....Merced.... does stand out on its own and it makes a much more consistent listen then the two other albums of what is a trilogy (....Hoboken.... and Winterset). One reason behind this is that the band has consistently grown in number of musicians and instruments (violins and double bass) throughout its existence. Where Winterset certainly already was a beautiful soundtrack to your daydreams (as Templo Diez themselves summarise their music) there is more variation on this album, making you wake up at times with beating drums, screaming guitars and loud vocals. The songs can also be called songs and not just words on musical carpets. The more fresh production, finally, makes this the most accessible of the three albums. Possibly also because of the production and the focus on songs makes the lead singers (Pascal Hillibert and a more dominant role for Miranda Visser and Gloribell Hernandez) voice stand out more (in After Hours Pascal sounds like Grant Lee Phillips). They will never ever become mainstream or even a little popular with the kind of music they make. Thank God for that! ....Merced.... is the kind of music you want to keep very close to yourself! Beautiful album, that slowly reveals its beauty if you take the time.

Best tracks: please just listen to the album as a whole. but if you want a small preview just check their Myspace page and listen to After Hours, Shangri La and On our Way.