January 2011 - Ouga Chaka

Mr. Chaka’s Song of the Day: “Nueva York” by Templo Diez

Templo Diez is kind of a hard band to describe. Mixing elements of country, indie rock, hard rock, and textural ambient music, Templo Diez created an atmospheric album that really rocks with Greyhounds. Templo Diez has members from all kinds of European countries but have an Americanesque sound to them. As different as the two bands are there’s a strange parallel in sound between Templo Diez and Widespread Panic.

The opening track on Greyhounds, “Nueva York” is the loudest cut on the album. It borders on being both pounding and pretty so the lyric “it’s a thin line between heaven and hell” seems pretty fitting for a song such as this. “Nueva York” is rough around the edges with an interesting psychedelic quality. this distorted violins and cute glockenspiel sounds clash with each other and the drumline to create a Velvet Underground type of world without ever sounding like Velvet Underground.

The rest of Greyhounds can be superchill and relaxing music. It’s good stuff to just have on in the background. Give it a list at 3voor12.

(Clay Graham)