The Templo Diez Archives - Live


21 January: Plantagedok - Dokhuis Galerie, Amsterdam


29 May: Hof Festival, Beuningen

19 April: Branoul, Den Haag, with Julie Scott

7 March: Club 3voor12 Den Haag, Paard Café, Den Haag, with Mushroom Mosis, Machine Makes Man and Dandana


28 November: Burgers, Eindhoven

11 November: Films With A View, Pllek, Amsterdam - LISFE Cineconcert reprise

17 May: Museumnacht, Oude Sterrewacht, Leiden - Overture reprise

3 May: Leiden International Short Film Experience, Scheltema, Leiden - playing a live soundtrack for Overture by Dan Sachar

12 April: Knollen en Citroenen by Narrominded and Wot Nxt, Qbus, Leiden; with: Life Savings, Pedro de la Hoya, Coen Oscar Polack & Herman Wilken and North to the Night


18 October: "10 jaar 3voor12 Den Haag" party, PIP, Den Haag

27 September: Klein Geluid, Den Haag

16 February: Vrijplaats, Leiden

Setlist Plantagedok 2012

8 March: Dokhuis Gallery, Plantagedok, Amsterdam


25 November: De Overkant, Wageningen

25 October: Branoul, Den Haag

20 October: Pageturner, Pakhuis Wilhelmina, Amsterdam. With: Lee Mason, The Bellbines, Motel Aurora, Teardrops, Jack Stafford

23 July: Kulter, Amsterdam

6 July: Ankermans CrazyCaveClub, Lokaal Vredebreuk, Den Haag

1 July: Stennis, Den Haag, with Black Diamond Express Train To Hell

30 June: After The Rapture; an evening of country-influenced debauchery, OCCII, Amsterdam, with Black Diamond Express Train To Hell and Bad Moon Rising

24 April: Paaswijsjes, Amsterdam


28 November: Live in Your Living Room, Club Canapé, Theater aan het Spui, Den Haag

2 November: "Eten als Einde", Oud Eik en Duinen cemetary, Den Haag

12 October: Shoot Me Film Festival, "Strijkijzer" Building, Den Haag

18 June: NXNE, Bread & Circus, Toronto, Canada

17 June: Smiling Buddha Bar, Toronto

17 June: CIUT FM - Take 5, Toronto, Canada

15 June: Avant Garde Bar, Ottawa, Canada

14 June: The Rainbow, Ottawa, Canada

13 June: l'Hémisphère Gauche, Montréal, Canada

2 June: Ankermans CrazyCaveClub, Lokaal Vredebreuk, Den Haag

6 May: EKKO, Utrecht, opening for Slim Cessna's Auto Club

30 April: Green Bay, Vitoria, Spain Logo Fonds Pop Over Zee

27 April: La Boca Del Lobo, Madrid, Spain

27 April: Live session on Yuglo.com, Madrid, Spain

20 March: Radio Mortale party, Pakhuis Wilhelmina, Amsterdam


17 December: Live in your Living Room, Rotterdam

27 November: Radio West, Live radio show Stork on Air

5-6-7 November: Zeehelden theater, Den Haag. Playing a live soundtrack for theatre group Wats

27-28 October: Zeebelt theater, Den Haag

19 October: Haagse Popweek, September, Den Haag, with Johnny's Landing

2 October: Bazart, Den Haag, With Starring LisaFlyer Bazart

27 August: de Unie, Rotterdam

25 August: Tivoli, Utrecht support for Port o Brien

23 June: SUB071, Leiden; with An Emerald City

11 June: Meander cafe/mp3live, Amsterdam

24 May: Live in Your Living Room, Den Haag

9 May: Bazart, Den Haag


15 November: Langweiligkeit festival, Grote Markt, Den Haag

31 August: Uitmarkt, Pakhuis Wilhelmina, Amsterdam

28 June: VPRO Dwars session, Studio Desmet, Amsterdam

14 June: The Music in My Head festival, Paard, Den Haag

11 June: Radio West Live show

28 May: Ekko, Utrecht (support Castanets!)

22 May: Cul de Sac, Tilburg

2 March: Patronaat, Haarlem


22 August: Tivoli De Helling, Utrecht (support for Low)

28 July: Langweiligkeit festival Grote markt, Den Haag

24 June: White Space brunch cafe, Den Haag

9 March: CMW Festival, Holy Joe's, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

8 March: The Black Sheep, Wakefield, Quebec, Canada

7 March: Mile End, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

6 March: Van Gogh's Ear, Geulph, Ontario, Canada

5 March: The Belmont, Windsor, Canada

13 February: Winston. Amsterdam

30 January: Merleyn, Nijmegen

13 January: Lokaal Vredebreuk, Den Haag


18 December: Llink: Studio Desmet, Amsterdam. Live Radio show, broadcast on Radio 5

17 December: Tricky Theater, Amsterdam

13 December: Radio West, Live radio show, Den Haag

12 December: De nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam

22 November: (some of us in Cinema for the ears) Studio 80, Amsterdam

19 November: Acoustic living room gig, Utrecht

3 November: Kunsteyssen, Alkmaar

15 October: Livingroom, Rotterdam

13 October: De Bastaard, Utrecht

9 September: Bazart Festival, Den Haag

24 June: Wellerlowlands 2006, Wellerlooi

16 June: Live radio Session for Radio Ramonaa

14 June: Studio Desmet, Amsterdam. Live Session for VPRO Radio show Dwars

9 June: Perron 55, Venlo

24 April: Subbacultcha night, Bitterzoet, Amsterdam

25 March: ZH Popunie compilation presentation, Waterfront, Rotterdam

25 March: Plato instore gig, Den Haag

19 March: 3voor12/Den Haag party, Korzo, Den Haag

18 March: Ekko, Utrecht. Support for Afterhours

8 March: Pascal @ Playlab, Groene Engel, Oss


19 November: Crossing Border festival, Den Haag, Spuiplein, with Cinema for the Ears (w/ AU), Labasheeda, White Sands

12 November: Radio West, live session, Den Haag

18 October: Haagse Pop Week, Savanna, Den Haag with White Sands

25 September: ZXZW festival, Cafe Extase, Tilburg

16 September: CMJ showcase, CBGB's 313 Gallery, NYC, USA

15 September: AS 220, Providence, RI, USA w/ Crooked Fingers

14 September: Pianos, NYC, USA

13 September: Sidewalk Café, NYC, USA

4 September: Ouverture festival, cafe Broezer, Venlo

19 June: Knitting Factory (old office), NYC, USA

18 June: Expansion Joint, Richmond, VA, USA, with Ostinato

17 June: Manhattan Roomv, Philadelphia, PA, USA

16 June: Arlene's Grocery, NYC, USA

15 June: Lion's Den, NYC, USA

13 June: Sin-e, NYC, USA

12 June: Drake Hotel, Toronto, Canada, with Great Lake Swimmers

10 June: NXNE festival, Holy Joe's, Toronto, Canada

10 June: NXNE festival, Silver Dollar, Toronto, Canada

22 May: Live In Your Living Room, Amsterdam

29 April: Binnenach festival, Theater a/h Spui, Den Haag

29 April: Koninginnenach opening, Den Haag

10 April: Live in the Living, Haarlem, with Timesbold, King Me

10 April: ASG Sunday Matinee, Amsterdam, with Pien Feith, Rick Treffers (Mist)

9 April: Metropool, Hengelo


28 October: Patronaat, Haarlem, with The Gathering

14 October: Paard, Den Haag, with the Gathering

8 October: Kultuurhuis Bosch, Arnhem

6 October: Doornroosje, Nijmegen

2 October: Smutstock festival, Den Haag

3 July: Voorbeeld, Amsterdam, with Labasheeda, Boards of directors and zZz

19 June: WNUR, Chicago, USA - live radio session for 'Airplay'

18 June: BuddY, Chicago, USA

18 June: WLUW, Chicago, USA - interview and live session with Nick Tristano

17 June: Detroit Art Space, Detroit, USA - with Lingua Franca and The Race

16 June: CFBY, St Catharines, Canada - interview and live session

15 June: Zaphod Beeblebrox, Ottawa, Canada

14 June: O Patro Vys, Montréal, Canada - with Jason Bajada

12 June: NXNE showcase, Swallow Lounge, Toronto, Canada

8 June: Schubas, Chicago, USA - with Palliard

6 June: Ekko, Utrecht, with Timesbold

5 June: Willem2, Den Bosch, with Timesbold

26 May: Paard Café, Den Haag, with AU

15 May: Cactus, Brugge, Belgium, with Timesbold (US)

14 May: So What, Gouda

28 April: La Guinguette Pirate, Paris, France, with Paloma and Pockett

12 March: ACU, Utrecht, with Dress, Soda P, Pfaff, Skidmarks, Gone Bald, and First Class

17 February: VPRO, Amsterdam, live session for the 3voor12 radio show "de Avonden"

13 February: Radio West, Den Haag: cinema for the ears - acoustic session (together with AU)

8 February: De Paap, Den Haag: cinema for the ears (together with AU)

27 January: Bitterzoet, Amsterdam, with El Camino, Chimney Brothers

11 January: De Paap, Den Haag, with Can-of-Be


16 November: Altstad, Eindhoven, with Blimey (NL), Niels Duffhues (NL), and Monokino (D)

1 November: Hiemel, Maastricht, with Club Diana, Zomotta

14 October: Paradiso, Amsterdam (CD release)

19 September: Popronde, Onderbroek, Nijmegen

14 September: Dry Bar (Vault), Manchester, UK - Unsigned section of the In the City festival

13 September: Life Cafe, Manchester, UK - Amsterdam Calling Showcase

7 September: Paard, Den Haag

24 August: Armada Festival, Nijmegen

23 July: Club 3voor12 Salon, Amsterdam - Live acoustic session

14 June: Winston International, Amsterdam, with Miss Antarctica

16 May: Muziekcafe, Helmond, with Showstar (BE)

23 April: Patronaat, Haarlem, with Spokane (USA) and Tarentel (USA)

29 March: Motel Mozaique, TENT, Rotterdam, with Arno, Songs:Ohia, Pfaff, Mick Hart among many (excellent!) others

15 March: The Wreck Room, Fort Worth, TX, USA show starts at 10pm

14 March: SXSW showcase at Spill, Austin, TX, USA show starts at 9pm

10 March: Live session for Fox TV, Austin, TX, USA - around 12am

8 March: Live radio gig at Humble Time, New Braunfels, TX, USA 3pm


26 November: Acoustic session at Radio Mortale, Amsterdam