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16 December 2020


Ten years speeding fast, and we still miss her so much. Gloribel Hern ndez travelled with us for several years, countless gigs, tours and 2 albums (Winterset and Merced) where she freed and matured our music with her wonderful vocals, bass and keys parts, also mixing experimentation and improvisation in our lo-fi sound (a spark initiated in Templo Diez by our dear friends of AU, Jan Borchers and Paul Klaui, both taken from us this year). A true musician at heart.

But first and foremost, a gracious human being, courageous, honest, humble, brave, strong and kind. The exact sort of people that SHOULD NEVER be taken away so young because of the good they bring into the world.

Two years before she died, French label Hinah fell in love with Glo's voice and asked us to release an exclusive EP of Templo Diez songs where Glo was lead vocalist. Of course, we were enthusiastic about this idea and this resulted in Crowheart released in 2008, in between Winterset and Merced.

To honor her and to mark those 10 years, we decided to make those tracks available on Spotify. She needs to be heard and remembered. In these dark days more than ever.

26 November 2020

Going Surfing

New video by Stift.

24 September 2020

The Sound of Waves

The video was created by Stift. Here's what they say about it:

"We were asked to make the videoclip for the new Templo Diez song The sound of waves . This band actually works the same as we do: their music is so cinematic, it tells us so much and that is such a wonderful combination. The way they use to concept of time and reflection in their lyrics inspired us to create this videoclip. Besides our own interpetation of the song, we were told that this song was written for the daughter of the singer. This inspired us even more. It is a story about a daughter, time and reflection. We hope you enjoy the music and the film."

That's what we hope as well!

6 September 2020

Starlight official press release

On October 2nd 2020, the Dutch band Templo Diez will release their long-awaited new album Starlight . The album takes the listener on a journey along 10 songs in the warm and cinematic style characteristic of the band. Templo Diez worked 5 years on Starlight , a long stretch where a lot happened in their personal lives. This sixth album signals a new creative and productive period for the band.

Templo Diez music draws its inspiration from travels, landscapes, from true stories and dreamt memories, from movies, films, novels, poetry, On previous releases, each song could be experienced as a short movie soundtrack. On Starlight , each track is also a short story where the band shows their introspective side, with a deeper emotional study of the song characters.

The tracks are a kaleidoscopic ensemble alternating personal and introspective themes with gothic impressions of a feverdream- born America. Nightwind is a lush mix between 80s indie pop and psycherock. The concise lyrics paint a whole story with a few sparse lines, taking the listener to a side of LA by night belonging to losers and misfits, more Bukowski and Fante than Sunset Strip. The track Sister was freely inspired by a picture from Pascal s sister, taken right before she casually dived in the Atlantic Ocean in mid-February. Typical from my sister , says Pascal, and I wanted to pay hommage to her inner strength and self-will . He wrote Sound Of Waves for his daughter, conveying the miracle of innocence and the fragile wisdom that comes with it. Contrasting with more introspective songs, Southern And The Dog is recorded live, with an energy and sense of urgency permeating the whole recording. The song title points to two 19th-century US train lines (The Southern and The Dog) which crossed in Clarksdale Mississippi, one of the birthplaces of Delta Blues. The tempo and delay-laden groove of the song evokes a train ride drenched in the gothic atmosphere carried by a slow rock arrangement.

A departure from the previous tracks, the last song Going Surfing is most probably the first Slow Introspective Surf Song ever. Pascal, a Frenchman born near the Atlantic beaches of the Landes region, explains: Surf is an important sport and way of life in the region I come from and also in this mythical America where most of our songs take place. It was bound to happen: a surf song, Templo Diez-style! .

Templo Diez is: Pascal Hallibert, Leejon Verhaeg, Paolo Panza, Hans Custers en Shireen van Dorp. Former band member Miranda Visser played haunting strings on the opener 305 South .

Along the years, the band has built a strong live reputation thanks to emotional and intense performances. They toured several times USA (incl. SXSW, CMJ), Canada and Europe. In the Netherlands, they played such Dutch pop temples as the Paard, Paradiso, Tivoli and high-profile festivals such as Crossing Borders and Motel Mozaique. Starlight will be released on October 2nd 2020 on label Innerstate 65, with distribution by Continental Record Services.

16 August 2020

New album: Starlight. Release: 2 October

You know us, we like to take our time. So the recording and mixing and mastering and design of our new album and the living of our lives inbetween took a little longer than expected. But we did it. Starlight wil be out on 2 October, distributed by Continental Records Europe. More news coming soon.

22 June 2019

New album coming this autumn

We had a break for a while. A band can need som time off, after playing more after 15 years together. But now coming together with new inspiration and creativity feels really good. We've been working on new song and are almost done recording, mixing and mastering them. We'll be happy to present them to you on our new album, that we'll release this autumn. Keep an eye on our website for updates!

28 June 2018


Sal, live in Arlene's Grocery, New York City

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