The Templo Diez Archives - Music

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Toll Of The Days, an acoustic pre-taste of our upcoming album

Greyhounds cover Freiheit cover From the Greyhounds album & Freiheit ep

Hikikomori remix, by Maxim S. Calda
Hikikomori remix

Live session Madrid (video) for Yuglo.com @ La Boca Del Lobo, april 2010

Live @ Stork on Air, Radio West, November 27, 2009

Merced cover From the album Merced

From the Winterset album
Winterset cover

Live at Arlenes Grocery, NYC, live ep; free download

Album cover: Low res JPEG (33k) Hi res PDF (3.2M)

the Devil you know, live @ WNUR Airplay radio show

Stay With Us, from the VPRO De Avonden 17/03/2004 live session

Sedan, live acoustic version from Club 3voor12 Salon on 23/07/2004

Hoboken cover From the Hoboken album